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Highlight for Album: Tierra Del Sol 3-7-2009
Album: Tierra Del Sol 3-7-2009

Went out for a day trip with some friends to the annual Tierra Del Sol offroad meet. It was my best friend, Chris, first time out with his $500 Jeep Cherokee. We all had a great time and no one broke or got stuck. Always a good thing in my book.
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Album: El Camino Del Diablo Dec. 19-21, 2008

We set out across El Camino Del Diablo trail which starts in Ajo, AZ and Ends at Welton, AZ. We camped the first night at Papago Wells. The second day we stopped at Tule Wells for lunch and headed up Christmas Pass. We camped at Christmas Pass Saturday night. We took this trail up north which comes out at Tacna, AZ. This was our first overland trip by ourselves and everything went fine. It was a little muddier then we had hoped but had a great time!
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Album: Thanksgiving, Nov. 2008

We went to Las Vegas for Thanksgiving. It was a great time spending it with wonderful friends. These pics so the offroad trip across Bitter Springs trail and then into the Valley of Fire State Park. It was an amazing day. We will be going back there.
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Highlight for Album: Big Bear Oktoberfest, Oct. 17-19, 2008
Album: Big Bear Oktoberfest, Oct. 17-19, 2008

This trip was with the San Diego Miata Club and was a wonderful weekend in Big Bear. It was great times with great people. The Pinzgauer offroad tour was great fun. Man do I want one. We look forward to doing this again.
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Highlight for Album: Overland Journal Trailer Test May 8-11, 2008
Album: Overland Journal Trailer Test May 8-11, 2008

I was invited to join a group who was participating in trailer testing for the Overland Journal magazine, in Prescott, AZ. It was a great time, spent with great people, traveling is a beautiful part of the country. It was cool to see all of these different trailer being used as they should be. Check out the Summer issue for all of the details. I only wish I did not have a cold during this trip. :-(
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Highlight for Album: 1st Anniversary Trip, May 3-7, 2008
Album: 1st Anniversary Trip, May 3-7, 2008

Lisa and I celebrated our 1st anniversary by taking a trip to San Luis Obispo and Monterey. We traveled with the San Diego Miata Club for our stay at the Madonna Inn, in SLO. We visited Hearst Castle on a night tour. We also went to the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose. While in Monterey we visited Laguna Seca raceway and did the 17 mile drive. We had a great time and it was a wonderful way to spend our 1st anniversary.
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Highlight for Album: Adventure Trailers Movie Night
Album: Adventure Trailers Movie Night

The crew at Aventure Trailers held an open house/movie night. Lots of the folks from Expedition showed up as well as those with AT trailers. The movie shown was about the 1st Overland expedition from London to Singapore. It was a great evening seeing cool rigs and meeting very nice people. Can't wait for the next one.
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Album: Mojave Road, March 14-17

This was our first major trip with our Cherokee and Kamparoo tent trailer. We drove across the historic Mojave Road. We were joined by James, Stacey, Steve and Joanne, whom we met through Expedition This trip also was to celebrate my 40th birthday. It was unbelievable and we all had a great time. We even got snowed on. :-)
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Highlight for Album: Superstition Mar. 2008
Album: Superstition Mar. 2008

Our trip to the Superstition OHV area with our new to us, Kamparoo travel trailer. It towed great, hardly being noticed behind our 2000 Cherokee. We left early Sunday morning as the winds were blowing 15-25mph since the night before. We thought we would get blown away.
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Highlight for Album: Thanksgiving 2007
Album: Thanksgiving 2007

Lisa and Mike took their first trip to the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Four Corners and surrounding areas. We did this with a group of Miata people, driving almost 1500 miles in our Miata. It was amazing and we had so much fun!
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Highlight for Album: Kauai, Sept. 2007
Album: Kauai, Sept. 2007

We spent a week in Kauai using a vacation time share we bought. Kauai was amazing and we were not there 5 minutes when we were ready to move there. It truly is what old Hawaii is really about. Unbelievable beauty unspoiled by overwhelming tourisim. We will be back!
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Highlight for Album: Coyote Canyon 11-17-2007
Album: Coyote Canyon 11-17-2007

This was our first run with the Expedition group, up to Coyote Canyon. This was the most extreme 4x4'ing I have done in a vehicle. The Cherokee did great!
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Highlight for Album: Catalina Trip, March 18-19, 2007
Album: Catalina Trip, March 18-19, 2007

We took our first trip to Catalina to celebrate Mike's 39th birthday. We had the most amazing couples massage that we still talk about. We had a great time.
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