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This album contains random pictures or events that don't fall under any other category. No rhyme or reason but fun none the less. Enjoy.

Highlight for Album: Lisa and Mike Portraits
Album: Lisa and Mike Portraits
Last change: 05/27/13
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Highlight for Album: Our Doggie
Album: Our Doggie

This is our new doggie. She is named Ellie (we decided to keep her previous name). She is such a sweetie pie.
Last change: 03/11/13
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Highlight for Album: Misc. Car Stuff
Album: Misc. Car Stuff

Random car stuff. Basically a place to put pictures for linking to forums and such.
Last change: 05/15/17
Contains: 93 items.
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Highlight for Album: Random Pics
Album: Random Pics

This gallery is for the random, more artistic pictures that I will take as I learn my new camera and photography work in general. These are taken with a Canon G11 camera, no additional compression but resized to 1024x768. Enjoy.
Last change: 07/28/15
Contains: 22 items.
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Highlight for Album: Master Bedroom Remodel, July 09
Album: Master Bedroom Remodel, July 09

After an A/C water pump leak, which got the carpet in the master bedroom wet, we decide that instead of just cleaning and replacing the pad, we would do new carpet. We had been wanting to do this for a while so it seemed like a good time to do so. Since the room needed to be empty, we decided to paint and put new baseboard in. We are very happy with how it turned out.
Last change: 07/14/09
Contains: 4 items.
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Highlight for Album: Fence Feb. 2008
Album: Fence Feb. 2008

Moving the fence and building a new gate.
Last change: 10/21/13
Contains: 17 items.
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Highlight for Album: Bathroom Remodel Jan. 08
Album: Bathroom Remodel Jan. 08

From boring white walls, crappy floor, dated light and leaking toilet to faux finished walls, new floor, nice light and Gerber pressure assist toilet. We are very happy how this turned out.
Last change: 10/21/13
Contains: 12 items.
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Highlight for Album: Christmas 2007
Album: Christmas 2007

This was Lisa and Mike's first Christmas together as a married couple.
Last change: 10/21/13
Contains: 14 items.
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Highlight for Album: San Diego Wildfires 2007
Album: San Diego Wildfires 2007

San Diego Wildfires 2007
Last change: 10/21/13
Contains: 23 items.
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Album: March 2006

In March 2006, we celebrated Sarah and Patrick's birthdays at Farrell's, which is now gone. Lisa, Sarah, Donna and Mike went on a whale watching tour. Let's say Mike is not going again. :-) The four of us did a "photo shoot" afterwards, which came out very nice. Enjoy.
Last change: 10/21/13
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Highlight for Album: Tattoos
Album: Tattoos

Pictures of Lisa, Mike and Sarah's tattoos plus the folders with the artwork ideas.
Last change: 10/18/13
Contains: 18 items.
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Highlight for Album: crafts
Album: crafts

This is where I will post pictures of my crochet and eventually sewing projects. I just need to remember to take pictures of things before I give them away.
Last change: 01/23/15
Contains: 8 items.
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Highlight for Album: Lisa's Random Stuff
Album: Lisa's Random Stuff

A gallery for random Lisa pictures.
Last change: 04/14/16
Contains: 23 items.
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Album: house

These are the pictures of the living room addition, new paint and windows. Figured I would put them up to show what was done.
Last change: 07/14/09
Contains: 0 items.
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Highlight for Album: Pinz 6x6
Album: Pinz 6x6

Gear from ExPo allowed me to come up and check out his sweet Pinz 6x6. Even got to drive it, which is SO cool!!!
Last change: 10/02/11
Contains: 25 items.
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